To Tell Us of Himself

[Note on the post: I found the set of songs that played on my laptop while I wrote the gist of this down in a notebook to be intriguing. The links in the post are to youtube videos of them. I placed them in the text roughly at the points when they started playing. I think it might make more sense to listen to them after reading the post.]

A Song

Today, I was thinking about how I went running yesterday, stopped to trek through some woods, and came upon the ice. I remember exclaiming with happiness when I found the solid sheet of slippyness upon a hill – how I tried to slide on my belly, but there was too much friction, so I then skied down the hill on my shoes (repeatedly, for certain). After that, I slid along the level ice sheet for at least a quarter of a mile, gaining speed and then coasting.

Song 2 I wished to share the icy hill with people, and in addition, I wished to share myself: the part of me that took joy in the ice. Just like I wish to share the part of me that, in a somewhat inexpressible way, feels a level of nobility and mission upon bearing a branch like a sword. — However, I didn’t – not really – and not that there really was a place/time for sharing it anyways. For somewhat good reason, we are hesitant to share these things, and, of course, it can be problematic to talk much about yourself. Song 3

Then I thought, what if God feels this way? That is, what if He has this desire that I have felt to share Himself? Previous trains of thought have brought me near here, but the recent experience made it click, made it more real. God wanting to share Himself – for us to know Him – a personal desire of His – not tamed by His love for us but rather made more passionate. This Song How eagerly does He await sharing us Himself? How strong is His boundless, bounding energy? “We’ll pray, I want to fall in love with You.” Maybe God will laugh at our capital letter Y, appreciating it, and wanting to show us more. There is a difference between thinking that God desires us to have a relationship with Him and thinking that He desires to have a real* relationship with us. It’s both, but I had forgotten the latter.

Song 5 Let us be filled with the impetus to share in each other’s joy. “Rejoice with those who rejoice.” God rejoices with us, and God rejoices. This is an invitation.

[Later, after I had finished writing, Another Song]

*real real real real real

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2 Responses to To Tell Us of Himself

  1. I was running through the trees last week and stumbled across ice, too! But I fell and scraped my elbow. 🙂

    I appreciate your post. You truly live.

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